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January 2005

Beginning January 1 the county Board of Commissioners have contracted with the city of Mobridge to provide 911 dispatching.
The four dispatchers at Gettysburg will lose their jobs in the move, with one being re-hired as an executive secretary.
Mobridge will handle all 9-1-1 calls and routine calls after business hours.

The City of Gettysburg is in the process of hiring a second officer, Gene King of Spearfish SD, to work under Chief Joseph Senyak.

January 4, 2000

Potter County Commissioners exploring options for 911 dispatch alternatives due to $40,000 loss of Gettysburg contract. Concerns were raised by Sheriff Simon as to safety concerns to Potter, Sully and parts of Faulk, Edmunds and Walworth Counties that are served by Potter County 911 dispatch. Further concerns over regular dispatch and officer/public safety were, of course, raised. A State Regional 911 center issue arises, and whether local emergencies are better handled by local dispatchers.

November 1999

City of Gettysburg's law enforcement contract with Potter County to expire midnight December 31, 1999.

Being unable to reach an agreement to extend the contract for Potter County to provide law enforcement patrol within the city, the current contract will expire New Year's Eve. Apparently the city council felt they were not getting their $40,000 worth in dispatch services, nor the $25,000 (over three years) in law enforcement services, and could not reach an agreement with the county board of commissioners. An approved COPS grant to pay for a third deputy will now be refused by the county. The City will need to re-establish a municipal police department, equip and man it. It is yet unclear as to how dispatch services will be provided. The change will mean a loss of Potter County Deputy Rich Walk, who has been with us for about six months. It is hoped that the City will hire him as Police Chief. This will put the Sheriff's Department sworn personnel at two: the Sheriff himself, and one full time deputy.

Potter County Commissioners pass a resolution authorizing the Potter County Sheriff to keep one full time deputy.

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