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Web Templates -
relay on a foundation of tables, as you work on creating your web site, be careful you do not adjust the table properties or you might lose the table format.

This theme and web page template  consists of  a ten-page web template and matching theme. 

Page Layout- was created to appeal to a wide variety of people.  The page design allows for plenty of text and images to be added easily while still showing plenty of "white" space so your pages don't look cluttered. Today's web users want fast loading pages, with lots of information. By using simple images and colors you can create eye catching sites that will appeal to your visitors.

If you are new to FrontPageŽ or are unfamiliar with working with FrontPageŽ templates, you must create a new web and select the correctly named web template from the list of choices displayed in FrontPageŽ New Web window.  This will ensure that you get the correct page layout and all of the extra images that cannot be included in the theme alone.

The arrow image in the top left corner can be changed. Just make sure you keep the same size. The current image size is 150x150

If you find that the table format expands to far down on the page after you have added text. Just place your cursor in the bottom of the table and hit your backspace button. This will bring up the table so that is has the correct layout and not a lot of extra space at the bottom.


To rename the words on navigation buttons and HTML pages
Change to FrontPage Folder List and Navigation View.
Right click on the page html that represents the title you would like to change.


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